Snow Troubles?

I know it’s nearly spring, but it’s still snowing here where I live! Here are a couple of tips for getting the snow/ice out of your way.

1ST TIP- How to shovel snow

If the snow is thick, and that it takes you a lot of strength to shovel, just stomp on it! Yeah, that’s right, just dance on the thick snow or something. And once you’re done stomping, try shoveling it again and see if it helps. This may not work for your type of snow, but it helped me get rid of the snow on my driveway within 10 minutes.


2ND TIP- Ice!!

Are you trying to use your salt to get rid of those patches of ice? Just mix some coarse salt and not-so-cold water. Keep mixing until salt is no longer visible. If your car window has a layer of ice, just splash this solution on it, and it should be easier to scrape off the ice!


Thanks for reading, and happy snow days!



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