Flan Recipe (Adapted from Kitchen Princess)

This recipe makes four cups. 

Ingredients: Flan: *4 Teacups/Mugs *1 3/4 cups of milk *5 tbl. sugar *3 eggs *1tsp. vanilla 

Caramel Sauce: *3 tbl. sugar *1tbl. water


Directions: First, put milk and sugar on low heat on the stove. Stir well as the sugar melts and make sure it doesn’t boil. When sugar is completely melted, let it cool. In a bowl, break the eggs and stir VERY well. Slowly pour the milk-sugar into the eggs. And vanilla and stir. Pour this mix through a strainer/sifter. This will make the flan smoother. 

Make the caramel sauce by putting the sugar and water in a small pot. Stir the ingredients together until sugar is completely absorbed by the water. Put this on low heat and do NOT touch it. Wait until it turns brown, then stir and put it into the 4 teacups. 

After you put in the sauce, add the flan mix into each cup too. To cook, put water in a pot and put a steamer above it. Turn on high heat and make the water steam. When water starts steaming, put the cups in. Be careful, it’s really hot at this point. After 2 to 3 minutes, lower the heat and cook for another 13-15 minutes. Let a little steam out by moving the lid to the side. Make the heat is low. If you put a towel under the lid, the water won’t get in the flan. When you think it’s done, poke a hole, and if juice doesn’t come out, it’s done! You can eat it then or cool it and put in a fridge. You can enjoy this with whipped cream and fruit.


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